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Thank you for completing our survey, and for your interest in this project! We have not stored any information about you from the survey, so this is the place to tell us if you would like to get involved in another way.

We are particularly interested in talking to people who live in one of the three areas marked in blue in the map below, but are also keen to speak with people who have other types of connection to the area. If we contact you and you participate in a group or individual conversation, we may be able to give you a £10 shopping voucher as a ‘thank you’. We have enough to give to the first 50 participants.

Areas within the map directly above

The types of question we will ask you will not be fixed, and you will have the opportunity to tell us what you think. We are interested in the kinds of things that affect people’s health and wellbeing – whether they are problems or obstacles, or good things that can help. Our aim is to produce a report that will help the City and County Council improve things in the area.

If you fill in the form below, we will get back to you. We can arrange to meet somewhere that suits you or talk on the ‘phone. If you are part of a local group or organisation, we can come to one of your meetings and talk to everyone at the same time. Our small team of interviewers have all had criminal records checks.

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