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We have been asked by Oxford City Council to find out how life is for people in St Ebbes, St Thomas and Grandpont, how it affects their health and well being, and to hear people’s ideas about how it could be improved. Our aim is to work alongside other organisations and groups to build up a picture of what is important to the people living in the area in a report called a Community Insight Profile.

This will be the most recent in a number of Community Insight Profiles focussed on areas of the county where on average people have the worst health. Find out more about Community Insight Profiles here.

We know that people think about communities in lots of different ways, not only as places, but a map can be a good place to start. We are interested in the south west corner of the old city, behind the Westgate Centre and to the south of the river.

Map of part of Oxford City

The wider area
we are covering

We are particularly particularly interested in these areas, where we know there are some quite specific difficulties.

Areas within the map directly above

The local areas we are
specifically trying to reach

Both the County and City Councils have earmarked money to invest in this area, and recommendations from the Community Insight Profile will decide how that money is spent, so your views can really make a difference to the future health of the area.

To complete an anonymous online survey about your connection to the area, click here. If you’d like to help with the project in another way, please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you.

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