We are a small Community Interest Company founded in 2010. We work with other groups, organisations and individuals to help people who use health and social care services get better support. Last year our web site became far too big and difficult to read, so we now have this much smaller site.

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Universal Basic Services

A Route to Removing Conditionality in Adult Social Care? One of the highlights of 2019 for me was the Social Care Future (SCF) event in Birmingham. Held at the University, the discussions nevertheless included a wide range of people from some very different backgrounds, ranging from service providers and commissioners to people who use personal… Continue reading Universal Basic Services

The Move to Personalisation

Community Glue’s Experience. What We Liked About ‘Personalisation Jon and I started Community Glue because we wanted to support initiatives that gave people more say in their social and health care. In previous jobs, we had been frustrated by an approach to commissioning services that often paid tokenistic attention to the views of service users,… Continue reading The Move to Personalisation